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MountainTopSpice Family Cookbook

This cookbook was born out of a love of serving good food to my

family and wanting to preserve the recipes and pass them on to my

children and grandchildren. I have tested these recipes in my kitchen

focusing on simple, organic, home-grown food. I want to inspire.

those who read this cookbook to embrace the joy of sharing

delicious meals with your family.


There is nothing more special than gathering around a table of good

food with family and sharing life together. I hope this compilation

of family recipes will be a blessing for you and your family! There

are 8 sections: Appetizers and Beverages, Bread and Muffins, Soups,

Stews and Sauces, Meats and Main Dishes, Vegetables and Salads,

Desserts, Pies, Cakes and Cookies, Miscellaneous and Low Carb.

Each section includes the recipe - some with pictures, serving

information, and the time to make each recipe.You can find a

simple collection of good, home-cooked food using basic

ingredients that are commonly found in most kitchens. The focus

is on providing healthy, nutritious, and comforting meals that

can be enjoyed with the family.


Through Love's Eyes

With over 100 pages of spectacular photos, inspirational writings and prose that accompany the images, this book is sure to fill your heart with joy as each scene is shared with a descriptive phrase, poem or thought from the author's perspective. Marilyn Moseley's skills as a hobby photographer capture the essence of her world and her writings seek to uplift the reader and ultimately bring all glory to the Creator who designed it all.


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